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Let’s Talk About It: The Health Benefits of Tea

Health Benefits

Considering that tea is the most consumed beverage in the world only second to water, there is no reason why what’s popular can’t also be healthy. Who knew tea could be so healthy?

Taking a moment and savoring a cup of tea offers not only a chance for you to check in and have a moment of mindfulness, but tea also offers quite a number of health benefits for the human body too.

Based in Ritual
For one, when you’re able to stop time and return to a ritual—and rituals may be the one of the deepest ways humans are connected to the world—you’re able to soothe your mind, restore your system, and refresh your perception. Mindful aspects alone may be proof enough to keep you consuming tea throughout the years.

Benefits of Heart Health
In addition to warming your body up on a cold and rainy day, tea can help combat heart disease and improve heart health. This stems from the antioxidant properties found within tea. The elements of green tea have been found to play a role in lowering your total cholesterol levels and upping your HDL (the “good” cholesterol) levels, both of which will leave your doctor giving you high marks at your next checkup.

Great Teeth
For teeth in general, drinking tea will keep your pearly whites healthy. Consuming green tea will lower the pH of the surface of your tooth and will help keep harmful bacteria in your mouth at bay.

Alter Your Caffeine
If coffee sends you zinging into the day with shaky hands and too much pep in your step, tea may be a casual way to consume caffeine without feeling like a jitterbug. Caffeine amounts within tea vary from variety to variety, so seek out one that warms you up and keeps you feeling like your best self.