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Embark on a journey of tea discovery

Picture of gunpowder green tea from Red Moon Tea with cinnamon and star anise

Why Red Moon Tea?

“Tea ... is a religion of the art of life.”
― Kakuzō Okakura, The Book of Tea

The Red Moon Team well, we love tea. Our love of tea goes beyond enjoying tea as a occasional beverage.  We have a healthy fascination with tea from the ground up. From how its grown, nurtured, harvested all the way to when it arrives at your door, and into your cup. Tea itself is a staple in every culture. Tea is our life.

Tea in US culture

Did you know most tea is exported from outside the US? Only one tea plantation left in existence in the United States and that is Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina. Tea sources of good quality are diminishing. We want to ensure that everyday people still have access to good reliable sources of tea. 

Picture of harvested tea leaves from a tea plantation
Beautiful model enjoying a cup of gunpowder green tea from Red Moon Tea

Our mission

The industry strives on great customer service. It is amazing how there is such a rampant rise in new companies and yet they are diluting the industry with poor quality products and even worse customer service. We strive to achieve better results with everything we do from storage, sales, and most of all focus on quick and great customer service.

Collection of tea products offered by Red Moon Tea
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Quality Products

Did you know that tea if not stored properly, even the best tea will be easily deteriorated? There are so many many influences that could deteriorate tea, such as light, odors, temperature, humidity, oxygen, microorganisms and moisture content.

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Quality Control

Recently with all the new platforms to buy, sell and drop-ship there has been a steady decline in good quality products and control. General staff just don't have the training to make sure that handling and storage of tea is of great importance from harvest to packaging. We want to help create a staple in the level of quality of products and control in the industry.

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Path towards Green and Sustainable

With so many tea brands and markets its easy to see that there is a lot of excess waste from all the unused and used materials that we use in the industry. Whether it be removing the string from the tea bags to lower the use of paper and cotton or proper storage units, we strive to find new and better ways to lead to a more green and sustainable future. 

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