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Green Tea Mint Julep

Tea Culture Varieties of Tea

Green tea mint julep is the top served drink all over the world especially in Kentucky Derby Party. According to a recent survey over the 2 horseracing events at Churchill Downs Racetrack, almost 120,000 glasses of mint juleps are served up. The drink includes the great amount of whiskey and mint. Some restaurants have also launched a new version of mint julep inspired by Colorado to make a better offer for Kentucky Derby Party, while lemon and sugar give a tea component to this cocktail. Teatulia Green Tea's fresh taste adds thickness to Stranahan’s Colorado whiskey. As you search to wear, do not forget to stock up on tea, mint, as well as whiskey.
By following the recipe you can easily make 2 cups of green tea mint julep.The given recipe has been adapted from a recipe submitted from Justin Russell to Teatulia from Denver champagne bar Corridor44.


What ingredients do you require?
⦁    Water 4 ounces.
⦁    1 pyramid tea bags Teatulia Green Tea
Whenever you are going to make a cocktail following ingredients are a must!
⦁    2 tablespoon lemon juice, also lemon zest for garnish
⦁    Sugar to rim glass
⦁    two sprigs of mint
⦁    1-ounce Simple syrup (or 1/2 ounce) Agave nectar)
⦁    2 ounce of the brewed Teatulia Green Tea
⦁    1.5 ounce Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey
⦁    Crushed ice
Boil water first of all and put tea bags in the glasses. Pour hot boiling water over tea bags. Let the tea bags soak up in water for 3 minutes and then filter them out and discard them. Let it be cool. In every cup of cocktail lemon spray is a vital element.
Scrub on the flesh side of the half across the rim of a cocktail glass and roll around the rim to coat in sugar. Insert 1 spring of mint, lemon juice, and agave (or simple syrup) into the glass and muddle using the handle of a wooden spoon. Fill glass halfway with ice crushed properly and pour into whiskey and brewed tea. Stir and garnish with a wedge of lemon and sprig of mint juice. You'll drink tea that is enough to create two cocktails.
Benefits of drinking green tea mint julep
This refresher that is effortless hits on the place. By the moment you cut and pinch the lemon and the leaves of mint our thoughts is instantly revitalized by their invigorating and refreshing scent.  Green tea can help control diabetes. Furthermore, fat-burning, which may help diabetics better manage their blood sugar levels may be enhanced by green tea.
As a complementary therapy to conventional therapy, green tea can be effective in helping to deal with an assortment of conditions. A recent research reported that the advantages of green tea include treating genital warts to helping prevent cancer. It may be useful in assisting keep and to lose weight and reducing cholesterol levels. But, more trials are required to confirm these gains.
Ordinarily, once you're bloated, you have eaten a lot of salt when compared with the total amount of potassium in the human system. Whenever your salt level is too high your cells continue to fluid and drinking will aid your body to flush out the salt and revive the liquid balance!

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