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Decoding a Mystery: Where Did Tea Originally Come From?

Tea History

Rumor has it, the legend began in China.

While Emperor Shen Nong, a leader who was also a scientist, was boiling water in his garden, a leaf drifted off a nearby wild tea tree and fell directly into his pot. The boiling water was infused with the properties of the tea and Emperor Nong quite enjoyed his infused delight.

But, there’s another rumor that tea got its early start in India.

There, the story goes that an Indian saint, Prince Bodhi-Dharma, the same gentleman who became the founder of the Zen school of Buddhism, left India to share the teachings of Buddhism in China. He told people that it would be completely possible for him to meditate for nine years straight without a single hour of sleep. We’ve all been there. We’re sure we can stay awake. We’re sure. We’re certain. We’re positive. But guess what happened? He fell asleep. He couldn’t make it. When he woke up, he was so upset that he cut off his eyelids. Yes. That’s right. His eyelids. When he angrily tossed them onto the ground in despair, a tea plant sprung up.

Tracing the history and origin of tea may be difficult because tea plants can be found in a wide variety of areas. From Tibet to China to Northern India...what if everyone decided to take those tea leaves and add them to their boiled water on the very same day? Where’s the documentation proving that that isn’t the case?

Needless to say, the history of tea may be debatable, but we’re positive we’re going to keep drinking the stuff.

What do you say?


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