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Samovar and Tea

Tea Culture

               In many cultures tea plays a large part in social gatherings and formal ceremonies. In order to accommodate a large number of guests, a special way of serving is required.  A Samovar is a self-boiler, and in many places in the world is used to serve tea. Originally ornate, these days many families have a less ornate version for daily use around the house.  Having a beautiful, ornate samovar to serve tea from is a symbol of status, and provides elegance to any social gathering.

                There are a few benefits to serving tea with a samovar.  The samovar is a beautiful, yet functional piece that replaces less elegant devices used in western cultures. It also adds customization to the tea drinking experience.  Imagine sitting around a table, two people prefer sweet tea, two people like theirs extremely dark, and one person prefers a watered-down version with a hint of honey. The samovar makes all of this possible. It heats a concentrated tea that guests can help themselves to.  They then add hot water to their taste, as well as any sweetening agent.  In areas of the Middle East, as well as Russia, some choose to sweeten their tea by sucking on a sugar cube as they sip their tea.

                Though not the most common way to make tea at present, using a samovar at your social gathering adds a touch of class that can’t be matched.  It will be a conversation piece for your guests, as well as a beautiful centerpiece.

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